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Ben Weir

Ben Weir spent three months (September – November 2022) in Herleen for a residency at Greylight Projects, part of the Borderland Residencies programme (https://borderland-residencies.eu). He was selected together with Kenneth Moreno Kierman by a committee consisting of Mona Steinhaeusser (artist, alumni Borderland Residencies), Joep Vossebeld (director Odapark, Venray) and Roy Voragen (Greylight Projects) in the context of the Autumn Residencies open call.

"Ben Weir will continue his project around the work of Fritz Peutz. In 2019 Weir made an addition to a building by Heerlen’s ‘local hero’ architect Frits Peutz, a sculptural fireplace within the van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. Here Weir studied the work of Peutz in order to make an informed response to his work. There is something powerful and alluring about returning to this (unfinished) research, coming back to Peutz and Heerlen, where he had a profound impact in the 20th century, taking this residency project at Greylight Projects out into the city through the architect´s lens."

See more of Ben’s work here: