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Krista Jantowski

The map by Krista Jantowski shows two places that popped up during her residency period from September till December 2023.

Krista Jantowski is a curator and organizer working around different notions of publishing. She is joining Greylight Projects for a research residency on the politics and poetics of the histories of coal mining in the region. The research is primarily concerned with storytelling as a site of power: how (and by whom) histories are designed, acknowledging the different dynamic processes of making meaning, where stories are continuously being (re)told, shaped and (re)organized to fit and fix certain narratives, while obscuring others.

She initiated the semi-public reading room at Greylight Projects, which presents a collection of research in different forms, opening a collective conversation on memories, heritage and history-making in relation to the local mining past. Thinking about research beyond the printed model, the reading room will host different gatherings such as hangouts, reading groups, and other talks, aiming to create space for a coming together of a multiplicity of histories and instances of decanonized reading.